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Completely New and Revised

You’ll love the new 3rd grade, streamlined to make teaching and learning easier. No subject is untouched! Like with the complete 2nd grade revision, no concepts were removed—but it feels easier because of the new content arrangement, new look, and added engaging activities.


Carefully Creafted Content

Language is now a single-sided page per day. New sentence strips and teaching charts will be tremendous timesavers. In writing, there’s an added creative writing focus, graphic organizers, and added cross-subject integration. In reading’s new themed compilations, you’ll see new emphasis on literary terms.

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Carefully Creafted Content

Arithmetic is more visual and better paced. For added engagement, story problems and art coordinate with the fun new themes.

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Carefully Creafted Content

Science features a brand-new animal notebook, application of the scientific method, more hands-on experiments, and chapters following the days of Creation.

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Carefully Creafted Content

History is now a full-year course with quizzes, tests, and teaching charts.

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New and Revised Language Arts and Science

Language Arts

Carefully Creafted Content

In grammar, you’ll now see the concepts of mood, ellipses, abstract/concrete nouns, and reflexive/intensive pronouns. New composition sections and Writer’s Corners challenge students to apply what they’ve learned. There’s also an increase in higher-level thinking and analysis questions in both grammar and literature.

Of Places now includes new stories, literary devices, and author information. Your students will enjoy the selections, understand literary devices, and develop more literary discernment as they see the blessings of virtue and consequences of evil.

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Carefully Creafted Content

Science has been updated with more hands-on application, more detail about STEM projects, and more terms and concepts related to scientific reasoning and scientific modeling. To further encourage students to apply what they know, there’s an increase in higher-level thinking questions.

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Economics Supplement with Personal Financial Literacy

and Teacher Key, Quiz & Test Book, and Quiz & Test Key

Carefully Creafted Content

In the new Economics Supplement with Personal Financial Literacy, you’ll see additional content regarding free enterprise capitalism and personal financial literacy. It also includes practical thinking questions that help your teenager make wise decisions based on biblical principles.

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Bible Flash-a-Cards

Carefully Creafted Content
  • Parables of Jesus Series 1
  • Parables of Jesus Series 2
  • Life of Samuel
  • Young David
  • David in Hiding
  • Elijah
  • Elisha
  • Esther
  • Daniel
  • Ezra and Nehemiah

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