How to Become a Test Administrator

To protect the integrity of standardized testing, publishers allow only approved test administrators to purchase tests.

How to Use Abeka Testing

Step 1 Complete Test Administrator Application
  • Log in or create new account.
  • Fill out a test administrator application.
Step 2 Choose Tests

Choose among achievement, ability, practice, and algebra tests.

Step 3 Choose Test Dates
  • Place your order at least 30 days before your chosen test date.
  • Administer tests during the fall testing window (October 1–31) and/or the spring testing window (March 1–April 30).
Step 4 Receive and Secure Tests
  • Receive your materials 1 to 2 weeks before your test date.
  • Immediately check for any missing or damaged material and contact Abeka within 10 days if there’s an issue.
  • Ensure test security from the time you receive your order until you send them back to Abeka testing.
Step 5 Administer Tests
  • Begin practice tests 1 to 7 days before your test date.
  • Then, start regular tests on your test date.
Step 6 Return Tests and Receive Results
  • Follow instructions to prepare and package your answer documents for scoring.
  • As soon as you’ve finished testing, send your test materials to Abeka Testing. If you’re mailing your materials, be sure to use an insurable method.

Not sure which test to order? Want to know more about giving the tests? See FAQs