Depending on the grade or subject, these may include:

  • Curriculum lesson plans
  • Teacher editions
  • Test & quiz keys
  • Answer keys
  • Solution keys
  • Map studies keys
  • Flashcards
  • Concept cards
  • Art book
  • Song CD
  • Charts
  • Games
  • Maps
  • Skill sheets
  • Rapid calculation drills
  • $25 credit toward digital clip art
Abeka in person
Switch for Your Students

Your students will use carefully crafted, engaging textbooks proven to help them bridge the gap from known to unknown.

  1. They’ll build their knowledge of facts and processes—but that’s only the beginning.

  2. Because of spiral review and cross-subject integration, they’ll remember what they learn.

  3. Through critical-thinking exercises, they’ll apply what they know.

Switch for Your Teachers

Equipped teachers are more effective teachers (which means more involved students and happier parents).

The tricky thing is this: concern for your budget could’ve held you back from buying support materials in the past. You’ve pored over materials lists to pick and choose, making sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Now, you don’t have to.

You’ll get support materials that free up hours each week and gift your teachers with more freedom to focus on the how of teaching instead of on the what and when.

Abeka in person
I am enjoying teaching with the Abeka curriculum! I've been teaching for 18 years now, and this program is a wonderful tool to help kids learn. It brings out their natural, God-given abilities, and they are able to progress a lot further than what traditional schools say they can. I've taught K4 through 3rd grade, and I've truly watched my students learn with excellence every year, no matter the grade! I've found that if you work this curriculum, it will work for you!!

Julianne C.

Abeka in person
Switch for Your Schools

When you try Abeka for a new subject or grade, you WON’T still be wondering “Is this the best curriculum for us?” or “We’ve been using this other curriculum for years. Shouldn’t we be seeing better results?”

Instead, you’ll

  • have curriculum & teacher materials you can count on from day 1
  • see your teachers more confident & equipped to be at their best
  • explore Abeka’s effectiveness at your school with no investment on your end (unless you don’t have parents pay for their children’s books)

How to Switch


Offer available
February 1, 2020–August 30, 2020


Choose the subject(s) or grade(s) you’ll switch to Abeka.


Buy 10+ student kits for the subject(s) or grade(s) you’re switching to Abeka, and you’ll get all the companion teacher materials on us.

You’re already ahead of other administrators because you’re actively pursuing what’s best for your school.

Fill out the form below and get even closer to equipping your school with ideal, results-generating curriculum.

I’m interested in FREE Teacher Materials through Switch to Equip


Preferred contact method
Send info to my rep


Can I switch more than one subject or grade and get free teacher materials?

Yes! There’s no limit to how many subjects and/or grades you can switch to equip.

What’s the difference between student texts and student kits?

Student kits come with all the student book(s) and the accompanying resources each student needs for that subject or grade—tests, quizzes, worksheets, and any additional materials (e.g, reading comprehension skill sheets).

I see student kits for K4–grade 6 in Abeka’s catalog, but I don’t see any student kits for grades 7–12. How do I find out what’s included in a student kit for those grades?

Contact your rep. Since schools’ needs can vary significantly in the upper grades, he has a special list of secondary student kit recommendations. He’ll walk you through getting exactly what you need to equip your students and qualify for your free teacher materials.

I see Total Teaching Packages in K4–Grade 6, but I don’t see them for grades 7–12. What exactly will I be getting free when I order 10 or more student kits for a secondary grade? What about when I’m ordering just one subject instead of a full grade?

Your rep has the answers here, too. You’ll get all the accompanying teacher materials for that subject or grade, and he can give you a list of exact items.

When will my order arrive?

With free shipping, you’ll typically be receiving your boxes within 2 weeks of your order date as long as you order before July 15. For orders after July 15, allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Does Abeka have any online teacher training for using the curriculum?

Yes, we do! You can watch free professional development videos that give you great insight into teaching with Abeka.

Can I order online and get my free Switch to Equip teacher materials?

For this special offer, you’ll need to complete quick & easy ordering through your rep.

How long does this offer last?

Available February 1, 2020–August 30, 2020

I have some other questions. Whom should I talk to?

Your rep will be the perfect person to ask. Fill out the form above, and he’ll be in touch to help you feel 100% confident in your choice—whatever it is. We’re here to serve and empower you to make the most informed, most effective choice for your school.

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