Thanksgiving In A Bag“Count your blessings, name them one by one.”

Have you noticed what a difference it makes when you take the advice of that little song?

Here’s another way to bring an attitude of thankfulness into your family’s life—giving someone else a blessing! The smiles your thoughtfulness brings will be well worth the few dollars and time it takes to put together Thanksgiving in a bag. (Ours was made for well under $10, easily doable if you buy in bulk.)

Brighten someone's day with Thanksgiving dinner

Pick someone to surprise who doesn’t get a traditional Thanksgiving meal, or have each child pick someone different to send a Thanksgiving bag to.

Maybe that means a soldier or a deployed relative.

Does your church have a missionary family you could send to? Do you know a college student who just needs a little pick-me-up?

After you’ve decided who to surprise, pick your ingredients. Start with a 2-gallon bag and pack it full with a warm Thanskgiving greeting!

Here’s what we used:

Add to your bag: the staples

Thanksgiving In A Bag

What else says “Happy Thanksgiving!” like the classics?

We used turkey jerky—partly because it rhymes, but mostly because it’s preserved and lightweight.

Also, we used mixes for the potatoes and apple cider muffins. Notice these are all flat items— those will keep in the mail and fit easily in your bag.

Add to your bag: pie

Thanksgiving In A Bag

Mini ones are the best kind, and ours even came in a cute little box! If yours doesn’t, make sure to at least bag it separately to keep it safe for the trip.

Add to your bag: popcorn and chocolate kisses

Thanksgiving In A Bag

This dynamic duo is your basic sweet (caramel chocolate) and salty (microwave popcorn) mix.

Those are all the ingredients you need for chocolate-caramel popcorn balls! To go the extra mile, you could attach recipe instructions.

Add to your bag: pumpkin spiced latté mix

Thanksgiving In A Bag

There’s no substitute for the iconic pumpkin spiced coffee during Thanksgiving time. Share this steaming treat in single-serving cup form, in packets, or with flavored coffee syrup.

Add to your bag: garnish

Thanksgiving In A Bag

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without garnish (marshmallows on sweet potatoes… whipped cream on pumpkin pie… thick, bubbling gravy on turkey).

Add a little flare of garnish by dropping a few cinnamon sticks into the bag—not too much so that everything tastes like cinnamon. Add JUST enough so that it opens with a little nostalgic aroma that creates visions of falling maple leaves.

Thanksgiving In A Bag

Make your Thanksgiving bags an even bigger blessing by praying as a family for each person who receives one.

And there you have it, the makings of a new Thanksgiving tradition! Year after year, you can use this simple action to be reminded of your own blessings as you bless others.