Valentines Cards


  1. Print out free valentines.

    Print out the free valentine to the right, then glue or tape wrapped candy to the heart.

  2. Share some themed trail mix.

    No stove, no mess, and minimum assembly! Mix mini marshmallows, graham cracker fish, and pink and red candy for a cute snack the whole class can share.

    Valentines Cards Valentines Cards

    Source: ANightOwl

  3. Pick the RIGHT Valentine’s game.

    Write a silly short story (it could be about your class) using the words left and right as often as you can. Arrange your students in one or more circles and hand out an inexpensive gift for each circle.

    Every time you say left, the gift will go to the left. When you say right, it will go to the right. The student(s) holding a gift at the end will get to keep it!