Digital Textbooks


Digital Textbooks

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Deliver the trusted content of A Beka Book textbooks to your students in an advanced digital format that makes learning an interactive, enjoyable experience.

A Beka Digital Textbooks will be delivered through Intel’s multi-platform technology solutions, packed with engaging features like personal dashboard, advanced search, and animated videos.


Use a single device on any operating system to access multiple textbooks with the same page numbers as printed textbooks. Conveniently access your Digital Textbooks 24/7, on-line or off-line.

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Effortlessly take notes, highlight, bookmark, search, find definitions, and collaborate by sharing notes and highlights. Access your interactive content from wherever there’s an Internet connection.


Add a new dimension to your academic program using A Beka Digital Textbooks with capabilities including embedded video, audio, hyperlinks, and interactive activities.

Select Features

  • Journal—Instant, automatic, and effortless. Journal creates a study guide as you work—complete with all your highlights, notes, and important diagrams. Add a photo and other notes into the journal to ensure it remains current.
  • Page Fidelity—Digital Textbooks are easy to navigate with exactly the same pagination as the print copy, enabling all students to be on the same page whether digital or print.
  • Personal Study Dashboard—Check in frequently to review stats on your time spent reading, notes added, and flashcards mastered. You can even opt in to share and compare your stats with other classmates.
  • Animated Videos—Instructional videos are linked directly into your book right where they belong—in context. Watch processes, see implications, and better understand concepts.
  • Advanced Search—Search through your classes, books, highlights, and notes, even by color, including your friends' and teachers' highlights and notes. Advanced Search allows you to find what you’re looking for immediately.
  • Flashcards—Save time studying glossary terms with automatically generated flashcards. Say goodbye to 3x5 note cards.
  • Course Manager—Create your own personalized bookshelf—complete with class names that make sense to you.
  • DropBox—Connect directly to your own DropBox account and bring PDF activities directly into the Course Manager.
  • Highlights—Make the book your own by highlighting important passages using different colors that match your study habits.
  • Sticky Notes—Remind yourself of important passages or concepts by applying sticky notes to pages as you read.
  • Pen—Mark your textbook like never before. Whether with a stylus or your finger, interacting with your book was never easier. Don’t worry about fitting notes in the margin ever again.
  • Navigation—Find your way around a Digital Textbook easier than a print book—you can go directly to a page, use the Scrub bar to quickly flip pages, and even set Bookmarks for later use. Go to Thumbnail View to look at a chapter from a birds-eye level to quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • Automatic Sync—Recover. Anytime. Anywhere. Never lose or leave your work behind. Study at home on your laptop, at school on a PC, and on your tablet; load your Digital Textbooks on up to 5 of your devices. Highlighting, sticky notes, and bookmarks will sync across all your devices.
  • Zoom—Scale images and text with multi–level zoom without losing page clarity.
  • 24/7 Online and Offline Access—Access your books anywhere and anytime online or with free apps which allow offline viewing for Windows 7/8, iPad, and Android devices.
  • Instant Definitions—Get instant, in-text definitions of glossary terms.
  • Smart Links—Instantly add links to articles, activities, and other web-based assets to your textbook using custom Smart Links.

Available on these devices

Available on these devices

*Some features only available on iOS devices.


Current Titles


Language Arts


Julius Caesar Julius Caesar
$6.50 Retail
Silas Marner Silas Marner
$6.50 Retail
Macbeth Macbeth
$6.50 Retail


Precalculus Precalculus
$19.95 Retail


Biology Biology
$19.95 Retail Homeschool Edition
Available 2016
Chemistry Chemistry
$19.95 Retail
Physics Physics
$19.95 Retail


America Land I Love America Land I Love
$19.95 RetailHomeschool Edition
Available 2016
World Geography World Geography
$14.95 Retail
American Government American Government
$19.95 Retail