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Curriculum Song Downloads


Title Download
Amber Lamb   PDF MP3
Blend Song   PDF MP3
Button Bear   PDF MP3
Vowel Song   PDF MP3


Title Download
Alphabet Song   PDF MP3
Animals Singing on the Ark   PDF  
Animals Singing-A     MP3
Animals Singing-E     MP3
Animals Singing-I     MP3
Animals Singing-O     MP3
Animals Singing-U     MP3
Be My Echo   PDF  
Be My Echo-A     MP3
Be My Echo-E     MP3
Be My Echo-I     MP3
Be My Echo-O     MP3
Be My Echo-U     MP3
My Friend   PDF MP3
Old McDonald Had a Farm   PDF MP3
School Days   PDF MP3
This is the Way We Brush Our Teeth   PDF MP3

Arithmetic 1

Title Download
Deep Down in the Ocean   PDF MP3
Down on the Farm   PDF MP3
Spring Time   PDF MP3
Visit the Zoo   PDF MP3

Phonics 1

Title Download
First Grade Adventures   PDF MP3
Seven Days Are in a Week   PDF MP3

Arithmetic 2

Title Download
Deep into the Jungle   PDF MP3
Down by the Pond   PDF MP3
Transportation Takes Us There   PDF MP3

History 2

Title Download
Git Along, Little Dogies   PDF MP3
Goodbye, Old Paint   PDF MP3
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot   PDF MP3
You’re a Grand Old Flag   PDF MP3


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