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Grammar and Composition II

Grammar and Composition II

Retail $18.05
Code Number 138258
Grades 8
Product Dimensions 8 x 10 inches
Binding Bound


Worktext with an abundance of exercises for practicing the rules that are taught. Gives a clear explanation of traditional grammar, with an in-depth study of the eight parts of speech. Book includes an extensive section on composition, with units on manuscript form, the writing process, the library, making an outline, the paragraph, summaries, book reports, writing descriptions, the research paper, and improving writing style. This book includes a convenient end-of-book handbook of all grammar rules learned that year.

Included in the Following Kits

  • 179272 Grade 8 Homeschool Student Kit

Support Material

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  • 138274 Grammar and Composition II Quiz and Test Book    $6.75
  • 176931 Grammar and Composition II Quiz and Test Key    $10.75
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