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World History Maps

World History Maps

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Grades 7, 10
Product Dimensions 17.5 x 22.5 inches


11 maps
World History Maps are designed for teaching and reviewing the information presented in the 7th and 10th grade texts History of the World and World History and Cultures. They are correlated with World Atlas and Geography Studies: Eastern Hemisphere and with World History and Cultures Tests/Map Projects. The daily plans for 7th and 10th grade history indicate which maps to use and when to use them. The Scope and Sequence for each grade gives the teacher an overview of student map work.

The physical, political, and historical maps may be used to point out important locations during the history lesson, to teach and review the Geography Studies, and to go over the Geography Projects. They may also be used for quizzes and review games and contests. The physical and political maps are labeled on one side for teacher reference and unlabeled on the other for student review.

Physical and Political Maps
1. World-Physical
2. Eastern Hemisphere
3. Western Hemisphere
4. Middle East
5. Europe
6. Africa
7. Asia
8. North America
9. South America

Historical Maps
10. Ancient Empires-1
11. Ancient Empires-2


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