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U S History and Geography Teaching Transparencies

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Grades 8, 11
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Set of 25 color map transparencies with 16 labeled overlays designed for teaching and reviewing information presented in America: Land I Love, Western Hemisphere Geography Studies and Projects, and Heritage of Freedom. The physical, political, and historical maps may be used to point out important location during the history lesson.

Physical and Political Maps:
Western Hemisphere- Political
Estern Hemisphere: Europe/Africa-Political
Eastern Hemisphere: Asia/Australia-Political
Western Hemisphere: Physical
North America
United States-Political and Physical
Eastern United States
Central United States
Western United States
Pacific United States
Central America
West Indies
South America

Historical Maps:
Exploration in North America
The 13 Original Colonies
War for Independence
War of 1812
Westward Expansion
Civil War
World War I (1914-1918)
World War II in Europe and North America (1942-1945)
World War II in the Pacific

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