Abeka offers free professional development for Christian school teachers and administrators with CEUs/ISPs certificates issued by Pensacola Christian College. You’ll discover ways to improve classroom procedures, learn the best practices and methods to use with Abeka curriculum and textbooks, and more.

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  • Bible and Language Development
  • Phonics and Numbers
  • Skills Development and Curriculum Guidance

Four-Year-Old Kindergarten

  • K4 Skills Development and Bible
  • K4 Phonics and Seatwork
  • K4 Reading and Writing
  • K4 Numbers and Activity Time
  • K4 Language Development and Curriculum Guidance

Five-Year-Old Kindergarten

  • Phonics and Phonics Review
  • Reading
  • Handwriting
  • Bible
  • Numbers and Numbers Writing
  • Skills Development
  • Language Enrichment
  • Seatwork
  • Story Time/Comprehension Skills
  • Activity Time
  • Curriculum Guidance

Grades 1–2

  • Phonics: The Key to Independent Reading Part I—Six Easy Steps
  • Phonics: The Key to Independent Reading Part II—Teaching the Phonics Lesson
  • Reading Success: Within Every Student’s Reach Part I—Effective Reading Circles
  • Reading Success: Within Every Student’s Reach Part II—Evaluating Reading
  • Teaching Cursive Writing: Effective Penmanship Practice
  • Spelling and Poetry
  • Language and Creative Writing: Developing Good Habits
  • Seatwork: A Time for Practice
  • Elementary Bible: Reaching the Heart
  • Arithmetic: Proven Learning Strategies
  • Activity Time: Science, History, Health, Art, Music
  • Curriculum Guidance (Grades 1–2)

Grades 3–6

  • Reading Success Part I—Class Reading
  • Reading Success Part II—Evaluating Reading
  • Teaching Penmanship with Purpose
  • Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry
  • Language Teaching Techniques
  • Creative Writing: Communicating Clearly and Effectively
  • Arithmetic: Process and Procedure for Student Success
  • Elementary Bible: Reaching the Heart
  • Science and Health: Showing God as Creator and Master Designer
  • History and Geography from a Christian Perspective
  • Curriculum Guidance (Grades 3–6)

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