Frequently Asked Questions—Curriculum


Teacher/Parent Materials


  • What subjects and grade levels do you offer?
    A Beka Book has a complete academic program for nursery (18–24 months) through grade 12.
  • How does A Beka Book teach phonics?
    A Beka Book materials work together to give a thorough, enjoyable, and highly teachable phonics approach to reading. Instruction is presented in six easy steps: short vowels, consonants, blends, one-vowel words, long vowels and the two-vowel rule, and special phonics sounds.
  • When do you teach creative writing skills?
    The A Beka program incorporates creative writing in the seatwork, language, and penmanship materials.
  • Can I use your foreign language courses for my elementary child?
    The A Beka foreign language courses are written as high school elective classes, so we would not recommend them before grade 7.
  • Do you have “hands-on” science?
    Abundant activities are included within the elementary student texts to give a hands-on understanding of scientific principles.
  • How do I meet lab requirements for high school science?
    Laboratory manuals provide detailed plans for doing science labs. You may either purchase the lab equipment yourself or use our DVD lab demonstrations.
  • What are curriculum/lesson plans?
    Curriculum/lesson plans help you make the best use of your valuable teaching time by giving complete day-by-day lesson plans for the entire year. These plans are correlated with the textbooks (purchased separately) and are designed to be of help to you in organizing your teaching. Thousands around the world successfully use the A Beka Book curriculums, which are based on sound scholarship, common sense, and the Bible.
  • Why should I buy the curriculum/lesson plans?
    Our lesson plans save you hours of time in preparation, and they cover important concepts and oral review that cannot be practiced in a workbook.
  • What is the difference between teacher keys, editions, and guides?
    Teacher Edition/Teacher Keys contain student text with answers. Teacher Guides contain answers to text questions, Scope & Sequence, and lesson plans for entire book, but not a copy of text.
  • What is the difference between test and quiz books?
    Tests give accumulated evaluation; quizzes give checkups along the way.