Language Arts Program Grades 1–6

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The A Beka Book Language Arts Program gives students the tools they need to write and speak clearly and effectively and to read with comprehension, appreciation, and discernment.


Encourage the use of
language to edify

  • Teach study skills
  • Teach essential research skills

Teach students to think
with a proper worldview

  • Sharpen thinking skills
  • Refine listening skills


A Beka Book phonics teaches grades 1 and 2 students the short sounds of the vowels and then how to blend these sounds with a consonant. In a short time, students are able to read the hundreds of one-syllable words which have short vowel sounds. This allows students to feel a sense of accomplishment from the very beginning. Once they have mastered the simple words, they learn more sounds and longer words.

Phonics skills are applied in meaningful, character-building stories that correlate with the phonics concepts as they are learned.

Reading and Phonics Objectives

  • Increase ability to read with comprehension, appreciation, and discernment
  • Teach students to decode the written language easily


The A Beka Book Reading Program features fascinating stories that spark interest while building students’ character, comprehension skills, and understanding. The result is highly motivated, confident students who delight in the amount and variety of Scripturally sound reading material available to them. A variety of literature—from delightful classics to modern stories, poetry, and children’s novels—gives students insight into their culture and their world and presents them with Christian ideals and spiritual values. A Beka Book readers are filled with colorful illustrations to instruct, inspire, and spark the imagination. Students also read the Bible as a regular part of their reading class; and because of their strong phonics foundation, they are able to read the Bible Reading Bookswith accuracy and understanding from an early age.

Phonics and Reading

Student Materials Support Materials
  • Handbook for Reading
  • Letters and Sounds 1 & 2
  • More than 45 Readers
  • Curriculum Guide
  • Teacher Keys
  • Teacher Editions

Language and Creative Writing

Language and Creative Writing Objectives

  • Introduce man’s best use of language by means of suitable literary selections for each grade
  • Educate students in traditional grammar and standard usage and mechanics
  • Train students to be comfortable with correct grammar, pronunciation, and usage in conversation and other forms of speech
  • Refine ability to write clearly and effectively

Language is man’s most important tool—the tool of thought. In a day of poor and lazy communication skills, A Beka Book emphasizes how language works and how to use it in the best way.

This carefully developed traditional grammar program for young writers builds confidence and capability in written and spoken language. Its accent on achievement makes grammar and writing a pleasure to teach and a joy to learn.

To make clear to students the orderly structure of language, grammar is taught in a useful, practical way, in conjunction with composition and oral usage.

The program provides a balanced Scope & Sequence of language skills that promotes learning success. Thinking, reading comprehension, and writing skills are emphasized in grades 1–6 as students master traditional grammar and apply what they learn to oral and written communication.

Lessons contain exercises to develop, apply, and reinforce skills and concepts. The generous supply of practice exercises means that no additional worksheets are needed. A rich array of composition exercises enables students to apply what they learn to their own writing. Review is built in from unit to unit and from year to year to build confidence and promote lifelong mastery.

Language Book Example


Student Materials Support Materials
  • Language 1
  • Language 2
  • Language 3
  • God’s Gift of Language A (4)
  • God’s Gift of Language B (5)
  • God’s Gift of Language C (6)
  • Teacher Editions/Keys
  • Sentence Strips (4–6)
  • Oral Language Exercises (4–6)
  • Language Charts (4–6)

“Your quality materials are making a difference in the spiritual and intellectual development of my
—Oregon, Parent


Penmanship Objectives

  • Provide practice for penmanship excellence
  • Encourage students to concentrate on their writing skills

The main goal of the A Beka Book Penmanship Program is to present a step-by-step approach to good penmanship that is consistent from grade to grade. Students are taught neatness and correct letter formation while learning that a person’s work is a portrait of himself. Each day as younger students practice their writing, they can improve their phonics skills with applications built right into the writing exercises. Older students enjoy writing on various topics as well as penmanship exercises.

Penmanship Books


Student Materials Support Materials
  • Writing with Phonics (1)
  • Cursive Writing Tablet (1)
  • Writing with Phonics (2)
  • Seatwork Tablet (2)
  • Cursive Writing Skillbook (3)
  • Penmanship Mastery I (4)
  • Penmanship Mastery II (5)
  • Creative Writing with Penmanship Skills (6)
  • Curriculum Guides (1–6)
  • Cursive Formation Flashcards (1–2)
  • Seatwork Charts (1–2)

  • Cursive Writing Wall Cards (3–6)

Spelling, Vocabulary, Poetry

Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry Objectives

  • Ensure confident, correct spelling
  • Increase writing, speaking, and reading vocabularies

A Beka Book has designed a fast-paced, comprehensive, skills-teaching system that makes spelling “second nature” to young writers. This straightforward teach/practice/test approach has two important advantages over the expensive workbook approach to teaching spelling: it is economical, and it works!


Spelling, Vocabulary, Poetry

Student Materials Support Materials
  • Spelling and Poetry 1
  • Spelling and Poetry 2
  • Spelling and Poetry 3
  • Spelling, Vocabulary, Poetry 4
  • Spelling, Vocabulary, Poetry 5
  • Spelling, Vocabulary, Poetry 6
  • Spelling 1 Teaching Charts
  • Spelling 2 Teaching Charts
  • Curriculum Guides


Student, California — “I want to thank you for your Spelling, Vocabulary, Poetry 4 book. I was in the city spelling bee, and I won! The words I had to spell to win were in your spelling book. I might not have won if you hadn’t put them in the book.”

Support Materials

Choose from a wealth of support materials designed to satisfy any teaching preference.

Teacher Editions suggest ways to introduce each selection, give ideas for teaching, and provide opportunities for developing skills through practice.

Curriculum Guides have been devised by teachers and administrators for each grade level, making available the accumulated wisdom of years of experience. These clear and complete day-by-day lesson plans for an entire year save teachers hours of planning time and include textbook lists, yearly goals, and a variety of patterns, hints, and supplementary materials that make teaching a delight.

Support Material

All A Beka Book materials are designed for and tested at Pensacola Christian Academy.

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