Science and Health


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Science is the study of variety, order, and reasonableness as revealed in creation.

Upholds Truth

The A Beka Book Science Program presents the universe as the direct creation of God and refutes the man-made idea of evolution.

Science of the Physical CreationPromotes academic excellence

Written by dedicated teachers who understand not only science but also how to teach it effectively, these texts ensure teaching success in planning and conducting a science class. This superior program encourages student achievement, and the emphasis on nature study appeals to both students and teachers.

Teaches basic scientific principles

With the integrated approach of A Beka Book, students learn basic principles of science in each grade so they can review them and build upon them from year to year (see below for example).

Takes a building-block approach to all science fields

The sequential presentation of this series takes into account the maturity of the students, the principles previously developed, and the importance of variety in a student’s life.

Biology and Science

Packed with features to help teachers

Provides many hands-on activities

A variety of demonstrations are used to involve students in the learning process.

chart with amount of activities in each grade Exploring God's World

Gives students basic science education through general science coverage in grades 1–8

Areas of general study in A Beka Book Science

Grades 9–12 Specialized Study

  • Science of the Physical Creation
  • Biology: God’s Living Creation
  • Chemistry: Precision and Design
  • Physics: The Foundational Science

Offers numerous teaching aids

Visual aids, teacher editions, and curriculum/lesson plans assist teachers.

Visual aids, teacher editions, and curriculum plans

Also Available

Biology Transparencies
Lab Demonstrations on DVD (9–12)

Health teaches students the wonders of the human body and encourages them to establish good health practices which affect total wellness.

Health in a Christian Perspective

Based on moral absolutes

The recurring thrust of these texts is the importance of establishing lifelong habits which affect total wellness. Students learn that a responsible action is one that is moral, safe, healthy, legal, and in accord with their parents’ rules or guidelines. Thought-provoking questions motivate students to make sound personal decisions regarding their own health actions.

Builds right character and good habits for living

With the help of these lively health books, you can encourage good eating habits, heighten safety awareness, and help each student learn to respect others and to properly care for his body.

Encourages healthful behavior

Healthful hints included throughout help students apply concepts to their own health actions, encouraging them to take more responsibility in caring for their health.

Contains relevant and up-to-date topics

These superb health texts contain relevant and up-to-date information regarding such topics as physical fitness, personal appearance, human anatomy and physiology, eating for energy, drug abuse, safety, disease, first aid, mental and spiritual health, and social behavior.

Useful, appealing formatHealth Teaching Charts

Colorful art and photos excite interest, promote healthy relationships, and encourage students to become physically fit.

Improves reading comprehension skills as you teach health

Students who learn to read with the A Beka Book Reading Program are ready and eager to read and learn in a variety of content areas.


Offers practical demonstrations

Demonstrations and exercises that help students care for their bodies are included in the text.

Health and Science books
Materials for Students and Teachers

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