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Homeschool Arithmetic 3-8 Charts

Code 104582
Grades 3rd Grade – 8th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Pages 48
Edition Third
Compatible With 75515
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Imagine getting 42 brightly colored arithmetic teaching visuals to use in multiple grades in one handy book! The colorful illustrations are designed to make your teaching easier and learning fun! Open to the page you want to demonstrate the use of tools from a calculator to a weather thermometer or to remind your child of the six steps in division or measures of time such as 52 weeks in a year. The individual arithmetic curriculum lesson plans for grades 3–8 tell you when and how to use these visuals. The perforated pages make it easy if you prefer to remove individual pages to display on the wall. The 8½” x 11” size makes it easy to store detached pages in page protectors. Includes information on metrics, measures, fractions, decimals, and more!

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