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Geography Teaching Maps

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Grade 4th Grade
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These 8 brightly colored teaching visuals (labeled on one side and unlabeled on the other) help your students master geography facts. Reinforce locations of the world’s regions, countries, oceans, landforms, and more as taught in the History/Geography 4 Curriculum (available separately or as part of the Fourth Grade Curriculum) and The History of Our United States in Christian Perspective textbook. The unlabeled side is great for reviews. The posters make it easy if you prefer to display them on the wall of your classroom. Gr. 4.

Featured Maps and Charts

·         The World—Physical (continents and oceans)

·         North America–Physical (mountains and bodies of water)

·         North America–Political (countries)

·         Early Settlements (New World)

·         The 13 Colonies (New England, Middle, Southern)

·         Our Nation Grows (U.S. land acquisitions after 13 original colonies)

·         Landforms (geographical terms such as oasis, delta, peninsula)

·         United States–Political (states and capitals)

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