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Science: Matter and Energy

Science: Matter and Energy

Retail $32.10
Code Number 115584
Grades 9
Product Dimensions 8 x 10 inches
Binding Bound


Science: Matter and Energy presents science as the systematic study of God's design in the physical creation. Students learn the fundamental properties and behavior of matter and energy with a focus on chemical and physical interactions, including application to familiar processes and devices. They also receive a basic introduction to the mathematical aspects of science, which lays a firm foundation for future studies in chemistry, physics, and other fields.

Each chapter contains a list of key concepts, pronunciation guides, keywords in bold, vivid photographs, and full-color diagrams. Section and chapter reviews reinforce learning throughout the textbook. Designed to be used in grade 9. Lab Manual available.

Included in the Following Kits

  • 192643 Grade 9 Homeschool Student Kit

Digital Version

  • 202258 Science Matter and Energy Digital Edition    $19.95

Support Material

  • 115592 Science: Matter and Energy Teacher Edition    $41.75
  • 115606 Science: Matter and Energy Answer Key    $11.00
  • 193453 Science: Matter and Energy Digital Teaching Aids—New    $28.75
  • 115657 Science: Matter and Energy Test Book    $7.75
  • 115665 Science Matter and Energy Test Key    $11.50
  • 115673 Science Matter and Energy Quiz Book    $5.75
  • 115681 Science: Matter and Energy Quiz Key    $11.50
  • 115614 Science: Matter and Energy Lab Manual    $16.90
  • 115622 Science Matter and Energy Lab Manual Teacher Edition—New Edition    $24.50
  • 175315 Science in Action: Science Project Guide    $10.95

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