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World History and Cultures Quiz Book

World History and Cultures Quiz Book
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Grade 10
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From secret weapons, to child prodigies, to valiant heroes and stoic martyrs—history becomes a fascinating study when you know the details and people that influenced the course of human events politically, culturally, and spiritually. Help your teen develop a love for history through this quiz book that reinforces these key details. He will have his eyes opened to the difference one life or one decision can make.

Product Features

·         A variety of question formats on the quizzes such as multiple choice, modified true/false, matching, and short answer holds your teen’s interest and verifies whether he understands a concept, no matter how it is presented.

·         The 40 quizzes furnish one or two quizzes for each of the 27 textbook chapters, providing valuable reinforcement of learning and preparation for tests.

·         The quizzes containing approximately 10 questions each use a minimum of class time to take and to grade.

·         Each of the quizzes clearly indicates the textbook section it covers, allowing your teen to focus his study, mastering small segments at a time.

Correlated Materials

The quizzes cover content from the text World History and Cultures in Christian Perspective, 3rd ed. Other correlated materials include World History and Cultures Tests with Map Projects and World History and Cultures in Christian Perspective Teacher Edition, which includes the curriculum/lesson plans and “pop” reading quizzes. Answers and grading guidance for the quiz book are sold separately in World History and Cultures Quiz Key. Grade 10.

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