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Of People

Of People

Retail $27.85
Code Number 138916
Grades 7
Product Dimensions 8 x 10 inches
Binding Bound


The interesting stories and poems included in this volume, most of which are by well-known writers and poets, have been selected for their emphasis on character. Many selections deal with seasons and holidays—especially Christmas. Others are about family life, great men and women, young people who have accepted a challenge, and legendary heroes.

Victor Hugo, O. Henry, Charles Lamb, Louisa May Alcott, and Stephen Vincent Benet are among the prominent authors represented. Some of the selections are excerpts of longer works—Don Quixote, A Christmas Carol, Robinson Crusoe, and Pilgrim’s Progress.

Included in the Following Kits

  • 169919 Grade 7 Homeschool Student Kit

Support Material

  • 109096 Of People Teacher Edition    $41.75
  • 138959 Of People Quiz and Test Book    $5.75
  • 178225 Of People Quiz and Test Key    $10.75
  • 148342 Homeschool English 7 Curriculum/Lesson Plans    $17.00

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