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Choosing Good Health

Choosing Good Health

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Grades 6
Product Dimensions 8 x 10 inches
Binding Bound


This text places special emphasis on the study of the endocrine, immune, and nervous systems. Children become familiar with major health concerns such as drug abuse and the deadly disease AIDS, discovering the physical, mental, social, and spiritual effects of these problems on the individual and on a nation. A proper attitude toward safety is stressed, teaching personal responsibility for safe behavior. The students learn to recognize symptoms requiring basic first-aid procedures for minor injuries. Children learn that health choices made in early years influence their level of health for the rest of their lives.

This text is scheduled for the last 9 weeks of science class, following the completion of Observing God’s World.

Included in the Following Kits

  • 169854 Grade 6 Child Kit
  • 170275 Grade 6 Science/Health Child Kit

Support Material

  • 168033 Choosing Good Health Answer Key    $9.00
  • 157503 Choosing Good Health Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Book    $5.50
  • 157511 Choosing Good Health Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Key    $11.00
  • 168009 Homeschool Science and Health 6 Curriculum    $15.00
  • 108936 Homeschool Health 4-6 Teaching Charts    $11.00
  • 108618 Health 4-6 Teaching Charts    $28.50
  • 91960 The Helicopter Bird CD    $15.00

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