Handbook of Grammar and Composition Digital Textbook

Handbook of Grammar and Composition Digital Textbook


Grades 11th Grade – 12th Grade
Digital Item Type Digital Textbook
Pages 349
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Give your child a consolidated and invaluable guide to learn, review, or reference grammar rules and writing procedures with the Handbook of Grammar and Composition. From basic punctuation and capitalization rules to writing research papers and citing references, this handbook provides a complete treatment of the elements necessary for clear and effective writing. With clear and concise rules followed by plenty of examples, this book is a must have for your 11th and 12th grader. 

With this digital version, your student is able to read and view the book on any mobile, tablet, or computer device. Just like having a regular book, your student can highlight and leave notes in the margin of this digital text. Enhance learning with various features such as copy, paste, search, bookmark, and zoom to enhance learning. Save more space and cost by purchasing the digital version of this handbook.

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