Abeka offers convenient, affordable digital textbooks through VitalSource. Once you purchase your books on abeka.com, you’ll redeem them through VitalSource.

How to order, redeem, and access digital textbooks
  1. Order your digital textbooks on abeka.com. Here’s a list of the digital textbooks available now.
  2. After placing your order, log in to your Abeka dashboard account and visit the Digital Textbook page to retrieve your redemption codes.
  3. Your redemption codes are redeemable through VitalSource. Students must have a VitalSource account in order to redeem codes. Accounts can be set up by the school, parent, or student. Sign in or create a new account at the VitalSource website vitalsource.com/sign_up.
  4. Once signed in, you can immediately redeem codes at the VitalSource Online Bookshelf at bookshelf.vitalsource.com.
  5. Visit the VialSource Bookshelf Download Page to choose your device and download the app. Digital textbooks can be viewed on up to 2 computers and 2 mobile devices at a time.

Need more help? View our FAQs or learn more about VitalSource’s features.