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Grade 11 Homeschool Student Kit

Grade 11 Homeschool Student Kit
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Grade 11
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The following items are included in this kit:

174645 Handbook of Grammar and Composition—New Edition
108308 Workbook V for Handbook of Grammar and Composition
108324 Workbook V Quiz and Test Book
108359 American Literature
86487 The Scarlet Letter (Literary Classics)
108367 American Literature Quiz and Test Book
174599 Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry V
174629 Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry V Quiz Book
95370 Plane Geometry
178101 Plane Geometry Test and Quiz Book
182931 Chemistry: Precision and Design—New Edition
182966 Chemistry Test Book—New Edition
182982 Chemistry Quiz Book—New Edition
183024 Chemistry Lab Manual—New Edition
103462 Heritage of Freedom
103497 Heritage of Freedom Test Book
103527 Heritage of Freedom Quiz Book
175315 Science in Action: Science Project Guide