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Physics: the Foundational Science

Physics: the Foundational Science

Retail $44.95
Code Number 66532
Grades 12
Product Dimensions 8 x 10 inches
Binding Bound


This textbook gives thorough and detailed explanations of physics principles that penetrate the most perplexing questions. Students learn how the many kinds of technology—from the camera to the car—actually function and solve numerous illustrative problems in detail.

Physics: The Foundational Science can play an important role in showing the harmony between scientific knowledge and Christian belief. Students learn with the foundational view that we live in a God-created world governed by laws discoverable by reverent scientific inquiry. Issues of vital concern to Christians are handled in depth, and the biographies of great physicists who were also Bible-believing Christians are presented. Designed to be used in grade 12.


Included in the Following Kits

  • 201863 Grade 12 Homeschool Student Kit

Digital Version

  • 202312 Physics the Foundational Science Digital Edition    $19.95

Support Material

  • 66540 Physics: the Foundational Science Teacher Edition    $41.75
  • 66559 Physics Solution Key    $38.00
  • 193461 Physics Digital Teaching Aids—New    $39.50
  • 66567 Physics Test Book    $7.75
  • 66575 Physics Test Key    $11.50
  • 66583 Physics Quiz Book    $6.25
  • 66591 Physics Quiz Key    $11.50
  • 66605 Physics Lab Manual    $18.55
  • 66613 Physics Lab Manual Teacher Edition    $19.50
  • 172286 Physics Lab Demonstrations DVD    $195.00

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