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The following Materials List contains the items required to successfully complete the Abeka Academy program.

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K5 Kindergarten

Mrs. Turner
Mrs. Turner

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The K5 program is a complete instructional program offering a range of subjects including cursive or manuscript writing, numbers, Bible memory verses, and reading/phonics. Your child will learn the letters of the alphabet and will learn to read phonetically (450-word vocabulary). Children find that the K5 program is an enjoyable learning experience.

Reading/Phonics—learn how to read phonetically with a 450-word vocabulary in readers

Writing—learn cursive or manuscript to write letter, words, and sentences

Numbers—learn the concept and counting of 1 to 100; begin addition and subtraction

Bible, art, music, poetry, science

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Books are available through ABA with an ABA enrollment. All materials listed above will be ordered for a K5 enrollment.