By simplifying preparation time, our teacher materials allow you to spend more time with your students and less time poring over your lessons. The included suggestions and recommendations are prepared by educational experts to give even first-year teachers the confidence of an experienced teacher. Save time, stay on track, and engage your students with Abeka teacher resources.

Lesson Plans

Your road map to success

Lesson plans montage
  • free you to focus on how to teach instead of what or when
  • save you hours each week by decreasing your preparation time and increasing your success
  • keep you on track with yearly goals that define learning objectives
  • provide a consistent education from grade to grade & subject to subject
  • lead to
    • clearer teaching
    • increased comprehension & retention for your students
    • less frustration
    • more accomplishment
  • incorporate relevant, data-driven lessons
  • integrate a biblical worldview throughout each lesson
  • provide ease of use with
    • bold headings
    • charts & illustrations
    • numbered steps
    • contents page
    • subject divisions (K4–6th)
  • use language at your students’ level to help them better understand each lesson
  • available in teacher kit or individually
  • available for every subject K4-12th grade
    • formatted in booklets/binders for K4–6th grade
    • included inside teacher editions for 7th–12th grades (English Curriculum sold separately)

These easy-to-use guides include

Inside look at a lesson plan
  • suggestions for what & when to teach
  • recommended timing for quizzes & tests
  • teaching techniques
  • cross-subject integration
  • suggested homework assignments
  • grade averaging tips
  • instructions for when & how to use teaching aids
  • engagement activities
  • learning games
  • additional thinking/discussion questions

Teacher Editions

Your companion to student textbooks

Teacher Editions montage
  • engage students with character building activities
  • encourage class participation
  • emphasize a biblical worldview
  • strengthen students’ understanding of lessons
  • available in grades 1–12

These helpful teacher resources include

  • a copy of the student text
  • discussion starters
  • interesting facts that correlate with the text
  • answers to textbook questions
  • lesson plans in grades 7–12 (English Curriculum sold separately)
  • teaching tips for critical thinking
  • character building activities


Answers at your fingertips

Teacher Keys montage
  • provide assessment answers in easy-to-read colored font
  • give grading guidance & point values
  • test/speed drill keys available for grades 1–6
  • quiz/test keys available for grades 3–12
  • solution keys for physics & math available for grades 7–12

Teaching Aids

Perfect support for what you’re teaching

Teaching Aids montage
  • durable & reusable year after year
  • available in print & digital forms
  • provide professional, colorful art to catch students’ attention
  • emphasize lessons
  • options include
    • learning games
    • flashcards
    • teaching charts
    • manipulatives
    • clue word cards
    • calculation drills
    • wall cards
    • sentence strips
    • math concept cards
    • map skill cards
    • and more!
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Not sure that these teacher materials will meet your schooling needs? Try them out first! Lesson plans, teacher editions, answer keys, and teaching aids can make all the difference between a successful year and an unsuccessful one.

Choose a variety of materials that interest you and review them risk-free for 60 days, then return what you don’t wish to keep—it’s that simple!