A Sold Start

A Solid Start

Your students achieve so much because of you! Learning from textbooks is only a part of it—just the foundation.

But if your students start off with a firm foundation, you can build stronger and faster.

Any Abeka book you open has been developed with an extensive research and development process. It’s been shown to help students of all different abilities learn.

The books you buy with Abeka aren’t just any books. They’re carefully crafted to be outstanding. Effective. Dependable.



Combine high academic standards with captivating lessons that build from day to day… and year to year.



Shape not just what children know, but who they become with character-building content that reinforces biblical values.



Tackle every year knowing you have what you need to succeed—and your students do, too.

Carefully Crafted Content

Carefully Creafted Content
  • Builds character
  • Connects known to unknown
  • Challenges students at their age level
  • Integrates content across subjects
  • Incorporates frequent, purposeful review to prevent learning gaps & keep you building forward

Eye-Catching Design

Eye-Catching Design
  • Professional illustrations
  • Full-color charts, maps, & games
  • Fun characters like Alexander Alligator, the Manners twins, & Tim the Traveler
  • Hands-on experiments & practical application
  • Age-appropriate questions to check comprehension or challenge thought

Student-Friendly Layout

Student-Friendly Layout
  • Chapter summaries & divisions
  • Bolding for emphasis
  • Definitions to new words included
  • Glossaries & indexes
  • Review throughout sections & chapters