Digital Teaching Aids

Images, videos & webpages to help bring lessons to life

Teaching Aids
  • make complex concepts simple
  • save time in lesson preparation
  • cut down on clutter
  • corresponds with curriculum and textbooks
  • reusable year after year
  • saves board space by creating a “digital chalkboard”
  • downloadable for use without the Internet
  • compatible for flexible use in presentation software
  • created to display at a size everyone in the classroom can see
  • download one at a time or an entire collection at once

Digital Textbooks

Affordable, convenient versions of our printed books

Girl using Digital Textbook on iPad
  • automatically sync your last read page
  • print out an automatic study guide
  • review your notebook in an interactive study session
  • highlight and copy content directly from your textbook to easily create digital flashcards
  • download your textbook to your device so you can study without internet access
  • listen to textbook with text-to-speech
  • search Wikipedia by highlighting a word
  • export notes and highlights to Microsoft OneNote
  • save space
  • easily download on 2 computers & 2 tablets
  • comes with a 12-month license through VitalSource, a leading digital textbooks platform

Clip Art

Downloadable Abeka artwork

Clip Art
  • includes favorite Abeka characters
  • 99 cents or less
  • nearly 9,000 options
  • over 50 themed collections (buy as a collection or individually)
  • create
    • coloring pages
    • decoration for your homeschool space
    • seasonal art projects
    • bookmarks
    • pieces for “busy bags”
    • teaching visuals
    • teaching games

Free Sample Downloads

Digital Clip Art

Apple Icon


PNG PDF Line-art PNG Line-art PDF

Chipmunk Icon


PNG PDF Line-art PNG Line-art PDF


Watts Engine Icon

James Watt’s Steam Engine


Lymphatic System Icon

Lymphatic System



Dissociation Sodium Chloride Icon

Dissociation of Sodium


Division Charlemagne Icon

Division of Charlemagne’s Empire