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Expert teachers draw students in, like they’re part of the class.

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Since lessons are pre-recorded, you can do school anywhere, any time.

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Free video manuals show what to expect & give you a plan to start from.

Caring, Skillful Teachers for Every Grade

How do you teach calculus? Fifth-grade science? Tenth-grade literature? Spanish?

How do you explain any subject so your kids “get it”?

Whatever grade, whatever subject, the teachers on video have it covered. They tap into their years of experience (and love for students)

  • to make hard concepts simple
  • to draw in students of all abilities
  • to motivate each student to do his best
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I am beyond thankful for the excitement you brought to my son in every video, and how you were able to make him a part of the class.
Georgina P.


Abeka Academy delivers professional instruction on par with private tutoring. Typically, that costs $30–$85 per hour.*

Even if you choose the most expensive option—10 hours of video lessons on demand for $60—that’s only $6 per hour.


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What do you need from year to year? Day to day? With easy options, you can use video just when you need it.


Video lessons
on demand

  • any subject, any grade, any lesson (video manual not included)
  • streaming format
  • available in single hour or 10-hour blocks

Video lessons
by subject

  • grades 7–12
  • grades K–6 (select subjects)
  • streaming or DVD format (as noted)
  • accreditation available! (grades 9–12)


Group of textbooks and video lessons
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Before buying a single subject, look at the price of a full grade. For example, a Language Arts 2 video instruction costs $563 for books and lessons. For $1,180, you could get books and lessons for EVERY subject—language arts, Bible, arithmetic, science, history, and art.

That’s $617 more for 4 more subjects + art—the best value.

*based on 170 school days’ worth of lessons

What do lessons look like?

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