Our digital products were designed with you in mind so you can save time and money on student and teacher materials. These more affordable, more convenient digital options bring lessons to life and save classroom space while also creating a more engaging learning experience.

Digital Teaching Aids

Images, videos, & webpages to help bring lessons to life by

  • make complex concepts simple
  • save time in lesson preparation
  • making complex concepts simple through visual learning
  • enhancing lesson and review
  • saving time and chalkboard space
  • providing videos, images, and interactive webpages
  • correlating with curriculum
Teaching Aids
Digital Assessments

Digital Teaching Slides

Lesson slides, images, videos, and webpages to help make teaching easier by

  • saving time in lesson preparation
  • correlating with student books and teacher materials
  • providing editable PowerPoint teaching slides
  • enhancing student retention with videos
  • making learning more interactive with webpages
  • reusing the slides each year
  • having the ability to convert to Keynote, Google Slides, SMART notebook, etc.

Digital Student Boost

Student videos and webpages to help make learning easier by

  • correlating with student books and curriculum
  • providing interactive tools for learning
  • enhancing review with flashcards, games, etc.
  • being used outside of the classroom for extra practice
  • being available on a computer, tablet, or other mobile devices
Girl using Digital Textbook on iPad

Digital Textbooks

Affordable, convenient versions of our printed books

  • automatically sync your last read page
  • print out an automatic study guide
  • review your notebook in an interactive study session
  • highlight and copy content directly from your textbook to easily create digital flashcards
  • download your textbook to your device so you can study without internet access
  • listen to textbook with text-to-speech
  • search Wikipedia by highlighting a word
  • export notes and highlights to Microsoft OneNote
  • save space
  • easily download on 2 computers & 2 tablets
  • comes with a 12-month license through VitalSource, a leading digital textbooks platform

Digital Assessments

Online versions of Abeka tests & more

  • time-saving! (Most question types graded for you instantly.)
  • test authoring available for any subject or grade
  • already written Abeka assessments available for grades 7–12
  • editable so you can easily add questions & create different versions
  • accessible for 1 year after purchase, with renewable subscription so you don’t lose your work
  • no software to download since all online
  • creates full-color comprehensive reports to help you track students’ progress

Digital Clip Art

Downloadable Abeka artwork

  • includes favorite Abeka characters
  • 99 cents or less
  • over 10,000 options
  • over 50 themed collections (buy as a collection or individually)
  • create
    • coloring pages
    • bulletin boards
    • decoration for your classroom
    • seasonal art projects
    • bookmarks
    • good-behavior awards
    • teaching visuals
    • teaching games

Free Sample Downloads

Digital Clip Art

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PNG PDF Line-art PNG Line-art PDF

Chipmunk Icon


PNG PDF Line-art PNG Line-art PDF


Watts Engine Icon

James Watt’s Steam Engine


Lymphatic System Icon

Lymphatic System



Dissociation Sodium Chloride Icon

Dissociation of Sodium


Division Charlemagne Icon

Division of Charlemagne’s Empire