Our conveniently packaged kits allow you to skip the unnecessary hassle of purchasing your books individually—saving you time and preventing confusion! With many options available, you and your students are sure to receive all the materials needed to successfully complete the school year.

Teacher Kit

Teacher Kits

A convenient bundle of most teacher materials for a grade

  • Available for K4–6th grade
  • Includes the most essential materials you need to teach
  • Contains
    • Lesson plans
    • Smaller teaching aids (no large charts, maps, or games)
    • Quiz/test keys
    • Teacher Editions
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TIP: Before buying a teacher kit, compare the cost with a total teaching package. For example, a teacher kit for 5th grade is $646.70

The total teaching package—containing 8 more essential support materials—is $666.65. That means you get 8 more items called for in the lesson plans for just $19.95. That comes out to only $2.49 per item!

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Total Teaching Package

Total Teaching Packages

All the essentials (plus some) you need to teach

  • Save 20%
  • Available for K4–6th grade
  • Includes everything called for in the lesson plans
  • Contains
    • Lesson plans
    • ALL teaching aids (including large charts, maps & games)
    • Quiz/test keys
    • Teacher editions
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Subject Kit

Student Kits

All the materials your students need

  • Available for K4–6th grade
  • Every subject included
  • Quality, consistent content that prevents learning gaps
  • Contains
    • Textbooks
    • Workbooks
    • Quiz/test books
    • Readers
    • And more!
  • Affordable pricing ($95.60–$316.90 per grade)
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Bible Kits

Illustrating the truths presented in the Bible

  • Available for K4–6th grade
  • Contains
    • Lesson plans
    • Song book & CD
    • Sword Drills in 4th–6th grade
    • Professionally illustrated Bible lessons
  • Durable products you can reuse year after year
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