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Looking for Student Kits? Teacher Kits? Bible Kits? You’ll find them!

Total Teaching Package

Total Teaching Package

Everything you need to teach successfully

  • Save 20%
  • Available for K4–6th grade
  • Contains everything called for in the lesson plans
  • Includes
    • Lesson plans
    • ALL teaching aids (including large charts, maps & games)
    • Quiz/test keys
    • Teacher editions
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Bible Kits

Illustrating the story & truth of the Bible

  • Available for K4–6th grade
  • Contains
    • Lesson plans
    • Song book & CD
    • Sword Drills in 4th–6th grade
    • Professionally illustrated Bible lessons
  • Durable products you can reuse year after year
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Subject Kit

Student Kits

All the materials your students need

  • Available for K4–6th grade
  • Every subject included
  • Quality, consistent content that prevents learning gaps
  • Affordable pricing
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Teacher Kit

Teacher Kits

A convenient bundle of most teacher materials for a grade

  • Available for K4–6th grade
  • Contains the most essential materials you need to teach
  • Includes
    • Lesson plans
    • Smaller teaching aids (no large charts, maps, or games)
    • Quiz/test keys
    • Teacher Editions
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TIP: Before buying a teacher kit, compare the cost with a total teaching package. For example, a teacher kit for 5th grade is $669.80

The total teaching package—containing 8 more essential support materials―is $685.15. That means you get 8 more items called for in the lesson plans for just $15.35. That comes out to only $1.92 per item!

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