You make the difference.

When you teach well . . .

Your students learn. Your class achieves. Your school succeeds.

You invest in Christian education for the sake of the next generation. We’re here to help.

Intermediate Math 7 Books

New Intermediate Math 7

Boost critical thinking skills and prepare your students for testing success!

You’ll find we’ve added multi-level practice and word problems for practical application. Plus, you’ll see more spiral review to keep concepts fresh and expanded explanations of each lesson to aid student understanding.

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Children in Class

Textbooks & Materials

Quality Textbooks & Teacher Materials

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Affordable Video Instruction

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Success-Building Tools

Success-Building Tools

With tools for teachers crafted by teachers, you’ll always find . . .


Content guided by the unfailing compass of God’s Word


Lesson plans that break each lesson down into manageable steps


Visually stimulating textbooks & visual aids for preschool–12th grade


Digital products to save you time & engage your students


Teacher editions with ideas to guide classroom discussion, teaching tips & more

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A Firm Foundation

Challenging Content from a Christian Perspective

What does “Christian curriculum” mean?

Some curriculums incorporate faith and doctrine, but neglect academics.

Some include challenging academics, but neglect faith; the materials are mainly secular, with a few verses sprinkled in.

With Abeka, you can count on high academics AND a biblical worldview so your students aren’t left half prepared to make a difference in the world.

Every subject is approached from a Christian perspective, and you’ll find Scripture and biblical principles used to emphasize or illustrate concepts.

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Little Boy Reading Book

Support for Your Calling

love everything about it

This is my first year using the Abeka program and I absolutely love it. I work as a 5th/6th grade teacher in a Christian school. I love everything about it.
Ashlee M.

Why Abeka?

More Reasons

You have hundreds of curriculum choices. What’s best for you? What’s best for your school? With so many choices . . . why Abeka?

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