Video Accredited Program

I am enrolling the above-identified student in Abeka Academy, Inc., Video Homeschool Program. I understand that video enrollments and instructions may be terminated or student records withheld at any time at the discretion of Abeka Academy, Inc. because of noncompliance with guidelines or failure to keep my account current. Abeka Academy, Inc., reserves the right to deny admission to any student who does not meet admission requirements. I understand that Abeka Academy, Inc., admits students of any race, color, or national origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, and other school-administered programs. I understand it is my responsibility to meet all applicable local and state homeschool requirements, and I acknowledge my responsibility to select the course of study (K–12) needed to meet any applicable homeschool graduation requirements in my state. It is my responsibility to contact my local school district to determine if there are any additional requirements in my state for children who are homeschooling. I understand that accreditation is a voluntary process which verifies that Abeka Academy meets reliable education standards. However, it does not guarantee the acceptance of credits since each institution or state creates its own policies of credit transfer. Some schools may require additional validation of academic achievement. I confirm that I understand and am responsible for complying with the contents of the Abeka Academy, Inc., Video Homeschool and Academic Terms and Conditions and specifically the policies regarding academics, cancellations, and late DVDs. I understand that the instructional videos remain the unconditional property of Abeka Academy, Inc., and that Abeka Academy shall retain all rights, titles, and interests, including without limitation all intellectual property rights, to and in the videos. I shall not copy, modify, license, reverse engineer, or create derivative works of the videos. I understand that the materials on the videos are for the use of only the above-identified student during the term that the student is enrolled and only for purposes associated with the Abeka Academy course of study, and that such materials may not be retained or further disseminated in any format. Other than the limited right to use the videos for the express purposes herein, no rights of any nature, express or implied, are granted in the videos or their content. I agree not to sell, lend, or duplicate the video content or to allow another child to view any portion of the videos on a regular basis, and I agree that the right to use this program is not transferable. I understand that DVDs must be returned to Abeka Academy, Inc., and if all DVDs are not returned before my assigned end date, new enrollments and orders will be delayed. Delinquent accounts will not be eligible for the payment plan option for future video purchases. Prices are subject to change without notice. Books are the unconditional property of the user and cannot be returned for credit. If return is made, credit will not be issued, nor return made to sender. Abeka Academy, Inc is not liable for damage to a customer's equipment. This agreement is governed by the laws of Florida. This agreement does not become effective until accepted by an authorized representative of Abeka Academy, Inc.

Academic Terms and Conditions

Course Requirements
Students enrolling in Abeka Academy must be proficient in the English language.
In order to properly complete the course, the student will need all of the material listed in the Full-Grade Video & Books option. If not purchasing the Full-Grade Video & Books option, please check item numbers carefully to ensure you have the current editions.
Alterations cannot be made to academic requirements for any course. All subjects must be attempted in order for students to continue in the Accredited Program.
Bible is a required course and must be completed in order to continue in the Accredited Program. The Authorized King James Version is used for all Bible courses and verse memorization.
Only students with a documented "A" average in grade 7 math may take Algebra 1 in grade 8.
Keyboarding and Document Processing require the use of a computer, a printer, and word processing software such as Microsoft® Word.
Progress Reports, along with all tests and exams and other specified course requirements, must be received in the Abeka Academy office at the end of each grading period in order to validate student work and issue credit.
Accredited students are required to watch all video lessons for all courses in which the student is enrolled unless that course is not offered by video.
Students enrolled with Abeka Academy may take up to two courses from another school if those courses are not currently offered by Abeka Academy. Credit is accepted upon receiving an official high school transcript showing credit earned for the course. Dual enrollment credits on a college transcript will only be accepted from Pensacola Christian College, from which Abeka Academy has an articulation agreement. Students must take a minimum of 4 credits with Abeka Academy, and a maximum of 2 courses per term through dual enrollment.

Abeka Academy is unable to provide an accredited program for students needing accommodations or with special needs. If the Accredited Program requirements cannot be met, Abeka Academy offers an independent study program, which provides flexibility, for those students with accommodations and special needs.
Students may complete a full grade course in 6–12 months. Exceptions are not available for the minimum 6-month time frame. Extensions up to 6 months are available for purchase on a monthly basis. Students may not complete a single subject video option earlier than nine weeks.
Dropping courses after 60 days from the assigned begin date may result in academic penalty.
Students must be between the ages of 16 and 19 years old to graduate from Abeka Academy.

Video Option
Students must enroll for at least one semester to participate in the Accredited Program.
Grade-level placement is based upon age and review of previous work completed.

Grade Level Placement Guidelines


Minimum Credits to Enter Grade











11, 12





5, 6


12, 13





6, 7


13, 14





7, 8


14, 15



8, 9


15, 16



9, 10


16, 17



10, 11


17, 18


*successful completion of previous grade required

If the student enrolling attended a school other than Abeka Academy's Accredited Program the previous year, a transcript is required. Accredited enrollments for second semester grade 9 or full grades 10–12 will require a transcript to be received and evaluated before the application may be processed. The transcript request form may be used to request transcripts for the previous school.
Students who were homeschooled through any method other than Abeka Academy's Accredited Program the previous year should complete the appropriate Homeschool Proof of Completion form.
Upon evaluation of the official transcript or Homeschool Proof of Completion form, the selected courses may be changed to keep the student on track for meeting prerequisites and graduation requirements. You will be contacted once the transcript is evaluated if any of the courses selected need to be changed.
Students may re-enroll for the next year at any time; however, books and materials will not be shipped until the current year is completed and evaluated through the third grading period for students in grades 4–11. (K5 through grade 3 must be completed and evaluated through the fourth grading period to re–enroll.) Since students cannot be active in two or more video admissions concurrently, the earlier video option(s) must be completed, submitted, and course work evaluated before access to online assessments for new enrollments and instructions is available.

Student Work
Abeka Academy students are required to do their own work, and home teacher supervision is necessary during all quizzes and tests, including digital assessments. Students should never have access to test and quiz answer keys. All written work is checked for plagiarism. Parent-graded items are evaluated by Abeka Academy staff who reserve the right to change grades as required in the validation process for academic consistency.
All student work should be kept current to ensure academic progress. If student work is not received by the end of each grading period as indicated on the academic calendar, the student’s academic status will become inactive.  A $20 late-work fee will reactivate the student allowing the work to be evaluated.
All student work submitted becomes the unconditional property of Abeka Academy and will not be returned.
Complete cooperation with these policies is expected in order to continue in the accredited program. Any concerns affecting a student’s academic standing can be reviewed by submitting a written appeal of the decision to the Academic Committee. The written request must be submitted within two weeks of the decision. The Academic Committee will review facts related to the request and make a final determination. The decision of the Academic Committee is final.

Transcripts are available upon completion of at least one semester of work with Abeka Academy for grades 9-12 and upon completion of a full year for grades K5-8.
Transcripts are considered official only when sent directly to another institution, or mailed in a separate, sealed envelope to the customer. Until the student’s 18th birthday, parents must initiate transcript requests; after the student’s 18th birthday, the student must initiate the transcript request. Unofficial report cards can be viewed on the account dashboard by accessing the My Student section. Official report cards are a validation of work received and are sent by mail upon request to the address on record on the account.

Graduating Seniors
Students must complete a total of 24 credits, which includes a minimum of 4 credits with Abeka Academy in grade 12.
Diplomas will be mailed once all video lessons have been watched, all course work is successfully completed and validated, the account is paid in full, and any applicable outstanding DVDs have been returned.

Class rank (calculated and added to the transcript after June 1) is based on the weighted Grade Point Average and includes all seniors who graduated between June 1 and May 31.
College-bound students should take the ACT, SAT, or CLT during their Junior or Senior years. Register for the ACT online at and for the SAT at using Abeka Academy's high school code 101388. Register for the CLT online at Please note that each college or university sets its own policies of credit transfer, acceptance, and admissions. It is your responsibility to contact them to determine admissions and testing policies before graduation.