Jaffe Violin Series Level 2

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Pages 41
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You and your child will love seeing his advancing skills in this second year of Jaffé instruction! The Pray, Sing, Play Method provides an effective and enjoyable teaching method for training beginning violinists. Level 2 reviews and adds shifting techniques and positions, dynamics, and other techniques. Want performance songs for your child? See our Jaffé Violin Sacred Solos with Piano Accompaniment Level 2 (with CD). Gr. 4–12.

  • Review of the basics. Photographs and diagrams review with your child how to hold the instrument, parts of the instrument, and correct fingering. Several pages will be spent reviewing the keys, rhythms, and fingerings taught in Level 1.
  • New concepts. Your child will learn how to advance in his tone production and bow techniques. He will learn new fingerings in first position and learn how to shift to second, third, and fourth positions. He will get plenty of practice and drilling in each position with the various exercises provided. New rhythms, techniques, or a new key with be taught alongside a new fingering or position.
  • Christ-honoring music to play for family and friends. Familiar hymns are fun to play and even more fun when they can count as practice. From “Sweet Hour of Prayer” to “Give of Your Best to the Master,” your child will love the hymn tunes that help either introduce a new rhythm or position or provide practice material. It will be fun for your child to recognize what he is playing while drilling his skills. He can enjoy getting to play God-honoring music for others.
  • Musical knowledge. Learning key signatures, dynamics, and musical markings are not only important in reading the music, but they can add life to songs. Your child will be taught new rhythms, musical markings and dynamics so his music can have variety and accuracy.
  • Exploring tone. Tone production and technique are the difference between a beginning violinist and advanced violinist. Your child will learn more specifically how to create a full nice tone with varying dynamics, while applying different bowing positions and techniques.