Science: Matter and Energy Test Book

Science: Matter and Energy Test Book

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Item No.  115657
Grade 9th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 74
Edition First
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Safety principles, repair basics, innovation tools—all depend on a proper understanding of God’s principles of design and His laws governing the universe. From Bernoulli’s principle to the second law of thermodynamics, you can know that your teen is understanding how some things work while other things can’t through these well-designed tests that reinforce and evaluate his learning. The test book is correlated with the texts Science: Matter and Energy (2012), Science: Matter and Energy Laboratory Manual, Science: Matter and Energy Quizzes, and Science: Matter and Energy Teacher Edition, which includes the curriculum/lesson plans. Answers and grading guidance are sold separately in Science: Matter and Energy Test Key. Grade 9.

Product Features

  • Objective questions in a variety of formats test on multiple levels from recall and understanding to application.
  • Since mathematics is the language of science, many tests include an application section of math problems corresponding to the problems demonstrated and practiced in the text. Your teen will see the necessity of both math skills and scientific knowledge as they are applied to practical life situations.
  • Essay questions take your teen’s thinking skills to a higher level as he must explain the hows and whys of science. They also open his eyes to note God’s design in the physical world and to consider how things of man’s design work. Noting others’ creativity may lead to his own!
  • Testing every three weeks (for a total of 12 tests) provides vital reinforcement of learning and an opportunity for your evaluation of your teen’s comprehension.
  • Two nine-week exams and semester and final exams further reinforce concepts. Exposure to the concepts through reading, discussion, demonstration and practice, independent work, quizzes, tests, and then review examinations cements course content.
  • Since every test clearly indicates the sections of the text it covers, you can adjust test taking to your teen’s progress through the text.
  • As with all Abeka tests, the content and design reflect our half century of educational experience. Directions are easy to understand and the layout is appealing. Test content is clearly covered in the course materials and is appropriate for the grade level.

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