Noah Webster: A Man Who Loved Words

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Grade 5th Grade
Dimensions 6 x 9
Binding Paperback
Pages 153
Edition Second
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The young schoolmaster Noah Webster had a problem—his pupils had no books that were written by Americans for Americans. The textbooks all came from England. He had always loved words; maybe this was his chance to help the new country and his pupils also! What resulted in 1782 was to become the best-selling textbook ever, the Blue-Backed Speller. But that is not all! Noah Webster’s life will show your child the Christian influence on our country, inspire him to grow in character, and help him develop a love for language. A glossary makes it easy for your child to look up unfamiliar terms as he reads, acquainting him with early American culture and setting a pattern for building his vocabulary. Biographical novel written by Elaine Cunningham.

The Home School Language Arts 5 Curriculum/Lesson Plans recommends that fifth graders read Noah Webster for their first long-form book report. 153 pages. Gr. 5.

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