Grammar and Composition III Quiz and Test Book

Grammar and Composition III Quiz and Test Book

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Item No.  157783
Grade 9th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 117
Edition 5th
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Businesses and professions of all types are crying out for workers with basic grammar and writing skills. With these tests and quizzes, you can be sure that your teen is gaining language abilities that will make him excel in the workplace as he learns to use God’s gift of language skillfully. The quiz and test book is correlated with Grammar and Composition III Work-text, 5th ed., and the Homeschool English 9 Parent Guide/Student Daily Lessons. Answers and grading instructions are sold separately in Grammar and Composition III Quiz/Test Key. Grade 9.

Product Features

  • Test content includes grammatical analysis of sentences, proper usage of various parts of speech, diagramming, composition and research facts and grammatical terms, and application of rules for capitalization, punctuation, and manuscript form. These topics cover essential tools for discerning grammatical and structural problems for effective speech and writing.
  • Since grammar is a skills class, the 12 tests (including 4 exams) are cumulative so that no skill is forgotten.
  • Each grammar test is designed to be combined with its corresponding Themes in Literature test for one test grade, with the emphasis on grammar in ninth grade. Ninth grade is a critical year for cementing your teen’s competency with foundational language skills.
  • The 29 quizzes will help you evaluate your ninth grader’s understanding of concepts as they are taught and motivate him to learn. You will know when extra reinforcement of a concept is needed.
  • Bonus features include an optional composition check sheet, research paper check sheet, and research paper grade form that will guide your teen in editing his writing and guide you in grading it. A book report reading record is provided for your convenience. Never have to guess which category of book report book remains to be filled.

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