Document Processing Quiz and Test Book

Document Processing Quiz and Test Book

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Item No.  170038
Grades 10th Grade – 12th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 28
Edition 2nd
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Reassurance. As a homeschooling parent, did you ever wish for someone to come  alongside and reassure you that you’re evaluating your homeschooler’s progress accurately? Your homeschooler also needs this reassurance to know he is progressing successfully. These document processing tests and quizzes provide that reassuring guidance to help you and your teen know weak areas and strengths: is your teen lacking mastery of foundational facts? Is he rushing through projects, not taking the time to proofread? Which concepts need more reinforcement or practice? This quiz and test book, along with the teacher guide/solution key, is a reassuring guide to direct you and your teen toward success. It plays a vital part in refining course skills that will build your teen’s own employment résumé.

The quizzes and tests covering one semester of document processing are correlated with the text Keyboarding and Document Processing, 2nd ed. (which is also used for a year course on keyboarding), and Keyboarding and Document Processing Teacher Guide/Solution Key, which includes daily plans for all three semesters of keyboarding and document processing. Answers and detailed grading instructions are sold separately in Keyboarding and Document Processing Quiz/Test Key for Document Processing. Grades 10–12. One semester.

Product Features

  • This book provides 3 objective quizzes over important concepts such as formatting a résumé and MLA formatting. Knowing specifics for formatting various documents is essential to producing them correctly. In addition, the curriculum calls for separate quizzes over technique and the typing of textbook lessons.
  • The 4 tests are keyed to coincide with the 4 document processing chapter divisions, giving you the flexibility to adjust testing to your schedule. Tests 2 and 4 are cumulative examinations, reinforcing the skills previously taught.
  • Besides having a variety of objective-format sections, tests also include sections that require students to use proofreader’s marks to edit mistakes or to indicate how to change a document to a different style. These sections require students to pay attention to detail, a valuable skill for all of life.
  • Each test except for the final exam includes a production section in which your teen’s typing is tested for his knowledge of correct formatting and his accuracy. He will learn the importance of following directions carefully and inspecting his work as his learning is taken to a higher level through practical application.
160407 Keyboarding and Document Processing
160415 Keyboarding & Document Processing Teacher Guide/Solution Key
172316 Keyboarding & Document Processing Solution Key
170003 Keyboarding Quiz and Test Book

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