K4 Bible Kit

K4 Bible Kit

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Bible time is a very important part of the day. Help your students learn all they can about Jesus and God’s Word. With our Bible kit, you will be equipped with all the tools you need to fill their minds with the teachings of Christ—9 items total. Your students will love learning about individuals of the Bible such as David, Daniel, Jonah, and Zacchaeus, as well as important holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Through memorizing short Bible verses, they will have God’s Word to help them daily as they learn about Creation, God’s promises, obedience, prayer, God’s protection, salvation, miracles, and Heaven.

Program Features

  • Complete Bible time program. The Bible curriculum gives you weekly and daily lesson plans incorporating Bible memory verses, song time using the Little Ones Sing unto the Lord K4 CD, prayer time, doctrinal drill, and Bible stories. Through your use of our organizational tools and high-quality teaching aids, your class will look forward to Bible each day.
  • Story format. Jesus often used stories and parables to communicate His message to the hearts of his audience. Use these 5 books of Bible story pictures, complete with lesson guides for the entire year, to keep your class fascinated. Let the stories of the Bible open your students’ heart to trusting in God and obeying His Word.
  • Realistic visuals. Often Bible stories for young children are done with cartoonish figures that make the Bible seem less than real. These visuals painted by professional artists make the Bible come to life with realistic facial expressions and appropriate time period settings that capture the imagination of each of your students.

The following items are included in this kit:

146633 New Testament Stories Series 1 Flash-a-Card
147613 New Testament Stories Series 2 Flash-a-Card
147621 Old Testament Stories Series 1 Flash-a-Card
147648 Old Testament Stories Series 2 Flash-a-Card
147656 Holiday Stories Flash-a-Card
167126 Bible Memory Visuals
167142 Little Ones Sing unto the Lord Book
169196 Little Ones Sing unto the Lord K4 CD
138657 K4 Bible Curriculum
138614 K4 Bible Activity Book
167134 Bible Memory Picture Cards

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