Chemistry Test Book

Chemistry Test Book

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Item No.  182966
Grade 11th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 118
Edition 3rd
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From reading ingredients in the grocery store to practicing safety with cleaning chemicals, your teen will discover practical applications of this chemistry course to everyday life. Beyond that, however, these tests help him focus on the ingenious precision and design in the composition of our world—a precision that can even be measured and expressed mathematically! Application questions help him learn how mankind can better “subdue” the earth (Gen.1:28–30) to be good stewards of God’s creation.

The test book is correlated with the text Chemistry: Precision and Design, 3rd ed.; Chemistry: Precision and Design Quizzes; and Chemistry: Precision and Design Teacher Edition, which includes the curriculum/lesson plans. Answers and grading guidance are sold separately in Chemistry: Precision and Design Test Key. Grade 11.

Product Features

  • Objective questions in a variety of formats test on multiple levels from recall and understanding to application.
  • Essay questions provide opportunity for your teen to think at a higher level and develop his articulation skills. He must apply scientific laws or processes to specific problems, evaluate the validity of a chemical hypothesis or model, consider how chemical compounds demonstrate specific scientific laws, or apply chemical principles to real-life situations.
  • Testing every three weeks (for a total of 12 tests) provides vital reinforcement of learning and an opportunity for you to evaluate your teen’s comprehension.
  • Two nine-weeks exams and semester and final exams further reinforce the concepts learned throughout the year.
  • Every test clearly indicates the sections of the text it covers. You can adjust test taking to your teen’s progress through the text.
  • As with all Abeka tests, the content and design reflect our half century of educational experience. Directions are easy to understand, and the layout is appealing. Test content is clearly covered in the course materials and is appropriate for the grade level.

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