Chemistry Quiz Book

Chemistry Quiz Book

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Item No.  182982
Grade 11th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 53
Edition 3rd
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Incentives. We all need them. Quizzes provide the incentive we need to make us learn foundational material that all subsequent learning in that area depends upon. Use this quiz book to help your teen learn key concepts from recognizing chemical symbols to how to balance equations. Your teen’s quiz results give you the opportunity to know where additional reinforcement is needed before progressing to the next concept.

The quiz book correlates with the text Chemistry: Precision and Design, 3rd ed.; Chemistry: Precision and Design Tests; and Chemistry: Precision and Design Teacher Edition, which includes the curriculum/lesson plans and “pop” reading quizzes. Quiz 2 covers lab safety as presented in Chemistry: Precision and Design Laboratory Manual, 3rd ed. Answers and grading guidance are sold separately in Chemistry: Precision and Design Quiz Key. Grade 11.

Product Features

  • The 27 quizzes of 10 questions each provide regular reinforcement of concepts.
  • Each quiz takes a minimum of class time to take and to grade.
  • A variety of formats such as multiple choice, modified true/false, matching, short answer, and computation prepares your teen for the tests and verifies that he understands a concept, no matter how it is presented.
  • Each quiz includes the sections in the text it covers, making the quizzes adaptable to your schedule and your teen’s learning progress.

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