Music Theory II Digital Teaching Aids

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Item No.  188573
Grades 4th Grade – 5th Grade
Digital Item Type Digital Teaching Aid
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Whether it’s learning to clap to a rhythm, sight sing a tune, or understand a concept, your child will appreciate being able to see the concept as you’re teaching it. You won’t have to hunt for examples to use. This set of 40 appealing teaching aids correlates with the course materials: Music Theory II Teacher Edition, Music Theory Flashcards, and the Music Theory II Student Edition.

Product Benefits

  • Ease of use. Each visual is titled with the number of its correlated lesson in the lesson plans and the topic, making searching for the visual you need quick and easy. You can download all the aids for a set of 10 lessons at once or view or download one aid at a time.
  • Convenient downloads. Digital Teaching Aids are broadly compatible with your favorite presentation software that supports .jpg file formats, whether you are running the software on a computer, tablet, or other mobile device. The visuals can also be projected using a smart board, screen, or television. Another option is to print on a poster-sized chart for display (or even print on acetate to make transparencies for an overhead projector). Whether used on an electronic device or projected on a screen, you can be sure to enhance your child’s learning journey.
  • Practical application of concepts. Enjoy teaching scales, singing with your child, and more with these visuals. The visuals provide music for clapping rhythm exercises, note values, songs for sight singing, teaching charts, pictures of the instrument families, and flutophone fingering. Included with the Digital Teaching Aids are answers to the crossword puzzle so that your child can see what his puzzle should look like. The aids will give your child’s lessons extra fun while he claps out rhythms with you or practices his sight singing abilities as you accompany him on the flutophone. Your child can instantly apply the concept taught.