Spanish 1 Vocabulary Manual

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Item No.  19925
Grades 9th Grade – 12th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 304
Edition First
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The greater our vocabulary, the greater our ability to think in that language! This manual incorporates a visual for each vocabulary word to help it stick more readily in the learner’s mind. Intended as a companion to the Spanish 1A and 1B texts. Grades 9–12.

Product Benefits

  • Practical layout for memory work. Each of the 35 chapters of approximately 20 to 30 vocabulary words features pictures with English words on one side of the page; the same pictures with the Spanish words are on the reverse side for self-drill or interaction as the parent uses the Teacher’s Edition (sold separately). A chapter-by-chapter listing of “Indirect Cognates and Borrowed Words” in the back of the manual helps vocabulary memorization as your high schooler sees direct correlations between similar Spanish and English words such as libro and library.
  • Vocabulary for everyday use. An introductory expressions section gets your language learner communicating immediately as he learns common greetings, introductions and farewells, questions and answers, and favors and courtesies. Vocabulary encompasses the general categories of school (counting, colors, days of the week), clothes and family, home and food, and creation and vacation. Words for sharing faith in Christ are also included! Since vocabulary can vary slightly from country to country, Latin American vocabulary was chosen for consistency. Worried about accurate pronunciation? Get the Por todo el mundo Vocabulary CD.
  • Handy reference charts and dictionaries. Appendix includes common requests and commands, a grammatical summary, and words frequently confused. A Spanish-English dictionary and an English-Spanish dictionary in the back provide quick help.
  • Optional extra vocabulary. Cognates and borrowed words are listed in a column on some pages as optional quick vocabulary that may be used as extra credit.
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