Large Phonics Teaching Charts (1-2)

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Item No.  241415
Grades 1st Grade – 2nd Grade
Dimensions 17.5 x 22.5
Pages 38
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Abeka's renowned phonics program produces first-grade readers! Children learn the phonics sounds quickly by associating a clue word with each sound. These colorful phonics teaching charts are an important component of the program. Large enough for whole-class viewing (17.5" x 22.5"), the charts begin with the introductory vowel and consonant sounds and then blend them together. The remaining charts are used to introduce and practice the phonics special sounds and their associated clue words. The charts include all the sounds introduced on the Basic Phonics Sounds CD (sold separately) and are correlated with the curriculum for grades 1–3. A cursive version appears on the reverse side of charts 1, 2, 6–13. Also included are 12 review charts (A–L) that combine corresponding sounds. Includes 19 charts printed front/back for a total of 38 charts. Gr. 1.

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