K5 Bible Kit

K5 Bible Kit

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Use God’s powerful Word to lead the tender hearts and minds of your K5 students to God’s path for them! With this Bible kit, you will be equipped with all the tools you need to use Bible time to guide them to character and godliness—17 items total. The colorful visuals and narrative presentation will keep your students fascinated as they study the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Enoch, Noah, Adam, and Jesus. Through memorizing Bible verses, they will have God’s Word to help them daily as they learn about Creation, salvation, Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, missionaries, and more.

Program Features

  • Complete Bible time program. The Bible curriculum gives you daily lesson plans incorporating a Bible memory verse for each letter of the alphabet, song time using the Little Ones Sing unto the Lord K5 CD, prayer time, doctrinal drill, and Bible stories from Genesis and the life of Christ. Through your use of our organizational tools and high-quality teaching aids, your students will look forward to Bible time each day. Optional materials include the K5 Bible Activity Book and Miniature ABC Bible Memory Cards.
  • Story format. Jesus often used stories and parables to communicate His message to the hearts of his audience. Use the 13 sets of Flash-a-Cards, complete with lesson guides for the entire year, to keep your students eager to hear God’s Word. The stories of the Bible can open your students’ hearts to trust in God and obey His Word.
  • Realistic visuals. Often Bible stories for young children are done with cartoonish figures that make the Bible seem less than real. These visuals painted by professional artists make the Bible come to life with realistic facial expressions and appropriate time period settings that capture the imagination of each student.

The following items are included in this kit:

195073 Salvation Series Flash-a-Cards
164062 Creation, Adam, and Cain Flash-a-Card
168971 Enoch, Noah, and Babel Flash-a-Card
195103 Abraham & Isaac Flash-a-Card
197491 Jacob Flash-a-Cards
194816 Joseph Flash-a-Card
14338 The First Thanksgiving Flash-a-Card
75310 First Christmas Flash-a-Card
75329 Boyhood and Early Ministry of Jesus Flash-a-Cards
75337 Jesus Heals and Helps Flash-a-Card
75345 Later Ministry of Jesus Flash-a-Card
241881 Crucifixion and Resurrection Flash-a-Card
202878 Missionary Stories Flash-a-Card
63983 Sing unto the Lord Songbook
89575 K5 Sing unto the Lord CD
182885 Large ABC Bible Memory Cards
134864 K5 Bible Curriculum