Flowers Field and Study Cards

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Item No.  25569
Grades 4th Grade – 7th Grade
Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
Pages 148
Edition First
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You and your child will marvel at these beautiful illustrations of common wildflowers and garden flowers of North America that we all should be able to identify. They are the kind of learning tools for teaching and reviewing that you want to look at over and over! The set includes 74 (5½" x 8½") full-color cards.

  • The 4 concept cards identify the parts of a flower and monocots, dicots, and composites. The flower parts card identifies each part and its function on one side of the card; the other side is unlabeled for review. The monocots, dicots, and composites cards list the characteristics and representative flowers (including the flower flashcard number) on one side of the card. The opposite side illustrates the characteristics. Teach your child God’s marvelous design for flowers!
  • The 70 identification cards feature a full-color picture of the flower on one side of the card. The opposite side gives the flower’s name, an illustration that includes the scientific name, and helpful information for identifying the flower along with interesting facts. Open your child’s eyes to the natural beauty that surrounds us.
  • The accompanying 16-page booklet includes teaching instructions and helpful listings, such as categorizing the flowers by flower families or by their flowering seasons. You can quickly grab just the cards you need for flowers that may be blooming when you go on a field study.

Use the cards to improve your child’s observation skills and give him a deeper appreciation of God’s care and design in His creation. Display these colorful cards on bulletin boards or in the science corner or take them along outdoors for field studies. Gr. 4–7.

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