Grade 4 Arithmetic Child Kit

Grade 4 Arithmetic Child Kit

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Grade 4th Grade
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Help your child excel in arithmetic! This complete kit includes work text as well as tests and speed drills book. The work text is full of wonderful illustrations that make arithmetic fun for your fourth grader while the speed drills and test book will help him retain important principles of arithmetic. Daily word problems, supplemental problems, and a handbook for terms and definitions in the back of the book provide ample opportunity for application and review. With our math program, you can solidify your child’s understanding of square measures, simple geometry, proper and improper fractions. This year, your fourth grader will be learning about converting measures, factoring, divisibility rules, solving measurement equations, graphs drawing, and many more. Save 5% by purchasing this kit that has been put together for your convenience and make your child’s experience with arithmetic a success.

The following items are included in this kit:

106461 Arithmetic 4
106496 Arithmetic 4 Tests and Speed Drills

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