Grade 3 Teacher Kit—Revised

Grade 3 Teacher Kit—Revised

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Keep your classroom on track and organized with the Grade 3 Teacher Kit. The 39 items include 170 days of easy-to-use lesson plans for every subject (language arts, arithmetic, history, science, health and art), and answer keys for all textbooks and assessments, as well as arithmetic charts and concept cards—all the basic items for the teacher. Combine with our student kits (one per student) to confidently teach core subjects from a biblical worldview. Since some schools combine classes for Bible instruction, our Bible curriculum is sold separately. Also see “Companion Materials” for important items used in multiple grades, extra teaching helps, and enrichment materials.


  • Clear and easy. You can do it! We have the materials you need and show you how to use them with clear, step-by-step instructions.
  • Cross-subject integration of concepts. This critically important reinforcement of concepts and skills in different subjects by different applications ensures thorough understanding and retention.
  • Spiral reinforcement of learning. There is no time to forget when your students receive regular review as each new concept is built on the old. This reinforcing and building of concepts and skills in a spiral progression throughout the year—and from grade to grade in the Abeka curriculum!—puts learning into long-term memory. Your students will know it!
  • Proven success. You want methods and materials that work. See your students achieve the academic excellence and moral character that will leave them equipped for life. Over one million children develop into lifelong learners with Abeka every year.
  • Training in learning habits. Abeka’s lesson plans assist you in establishing right learning habits and routines.
  • Biblical perspective. You teach at a Christian school because of your ministry heart. Like you, we seek to reach the hearts and minds of young people for service to Jesus Christ in whatever vocation He calls them. This ministry focus and biblical philosophy permeate our curriculum.

The following items are included in this kit:

310263 Grade 3 Curriculum Lesson Plans—Revised
315583 From Shore to Shore Teacher Edition—New
321346 My New Song Teacher Edition—New
315567 Through the Seasons Teacher Edition—New
315427 Among the Animals Teacher Edition—New
315516 Pilgrim Boy Teacher Edition—Revised
315478 Treats and Treasures Teacher Edition—New
315494 Heroes and Helpers Teacher Edition—New
315532 Secret in the Maple Tree Teacher Edition—Revised
315397 On the Bright Side Teacher Edition—New
315443 Swiss Family Robinson Teacher Edition—Revised
315605 Pilgrim's Progress: Christian's Journey Teacher Edition—New
315621 Reading Comprehension 3 Teacher Edition—New
315656 Language 3 Teacher Edition—Revised
315672 Language 3 Quiz and Test Key—Revised
315702 Spelling and Poetry 3 Teacher Edition—Revised
315729 Writing with Purpose 3—New
323535 Cursive Formation Flashcards (3)—New
315745 Arithmetic 3 Teacher Edition—Revised
315761 Arithmetic 3 Quizzes, Tests, and Speed Drills Key—Revised
151408 Addition Flashcards
151416 Subtraction Flashcards
137332 Multiplication Flashcards
137731 Division Flashcards
188751 Classroom Coins
323586 Arithmetic 3 Rapid Calculation Practice—New
323551 Arithmetic 3 Concept Cards—New
168432 Numbers Flashcards
315893 Our American Heritage Teacher Edition—Revised
315915 Our American Heritage Quiz and Test Key—Revised
315931 Our American Heritage Map Skills Key—Revised
315796 Exploring God's World Teacher Edition—Revised
315826 Exploring God's World Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Key—Revised
323527 My Animal Notebook—New
315842 Health Safety and Manners 3 Teacher Edition—Revised
315877 Health Safety Manners 3 Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Key—Revised
315958 Art Projects 3—Revised
305367 Songs We Enjoy 3—Revised
305375 Songs We Enjoy 3 CD—Revised