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Grade 4 Teacher Kit—Revised
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Grade your students’ tests and quizzes with confidence and with ease using our Grade 4 Video Teacher Kit, made specifically with you, the classroom supervisor, in mind! We know that with a schedule as busy as yours, you want to save time wherever you can; that’s why our answer keys provide you with both the answers and the point values, making your job as simple as possible! The 15 items included in this kit will assist you in having a smooth and successful school year!

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The following items are included in this kit:

338664 Language Arts 4 Curriculum Lesson Plans Binder  
338761 Once upon a Story Teacher Edition  
358312 Pilgrim's Progress: Christiana's Journey Teacher Edition  
338796 In His Hands Teacher Edition  
338893 Song of the Brook Teacher Edition  
338826 Road Trip East Teacher Edition  
338842 Fables and Folktales Teacher Edition  
359505 Gifts and Gadgets Teacher Edition  
359521 Road Trip West Teacher Edition  
338966 Reading Comprehension 4 Skill Sheets Teacher Edition  
338923 Adventures in Other Lands Speed and Comprehension Reader  
339008 God's Gift of Language 4 Teacher Edition  
339059 God's Gift of Language 4 Quiz and Test Key  
339083 Spelling, Vocabulary,and Poetry 4 Teacher Edition—Revised  
339113 Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry 4 Test Key—Revised  
339121 Writing with Purpose 4  
323535 Cursive Formation Flashcards  
404829 Arithmetic, History, Science, Health, and Activity Time 4 Curriculum Lesson Plans  
405086 Health 4 Curriculum Lesson Plans—Revised  
405094 History 4 Curriculum Lesson Plans (Semester 1)—Revised  
405795 History 4 Curriculum Lesson Plans (Semester 2)—Revised  
339156 Arithmetic 4 Teacher Edition—Revised  
339202 Arithmetic 4 Quizzes, Tests, and Speed Drills Key—Revised  
151408 Addition Flashcards  
151416 Subtraction Flashcards  
137332 Multiplication Flashcards  
137731 Division Flashcards  
368695 Arithmetic 4 Rapid Calculation Practice  
339229 Arithmetic 4 Concept Cards—New  
168432 Numbers Flashcards  
339245 History of Our United States Teacher Edition Volume 1—Revised  
339318 History of Our United States Quiz and Test Key—Revised  
339296 History of Our United States Geography Skills Key—Revised  
339377 My State Notebook—Revised  
339423 Understanding God's World Teacher Edition—Revised  
339474 Understanding God's World Quiz and Test Key—Revised  
339504 Understanding God's World STEM Activities Teacher Key—Revised  
339512 Science 4 Flashcards—New  
339571 Developing Good Health Teacher Edition—Revised  
339628 Developing Good Health Quiz and Test Key—Revised  
411558 Developing Good Health Activity Book Teacher Key—New  
108766 Art A  
93041 Songs We Enjoy 4  
90336 Songs We Enjoy 4 CD  
388203 History of Our United States Teacher Edition Volume 2—Revised  
339369 State and Territory Fact Cards—Revised  

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Grade 4 Teacher Kit—Revised

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