Arithmetic 2 Tests and Speed Drills Key

Arithmetic 2 Tests and Speed Drills Key


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Item No.  95737
Grade 2nd Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 126
Edition First
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Your time is valuable! You will not need to plan which oral combinations to give, which listening skill question to dictate, or how many points to deduct with these clear instructions for administering both the oral and written portions of the tests. The key is a copy of your child’s Arithmetic 2 Tests and Speed Drills (sold separately) with answers and point values provided. The key also includes acceptable variations as your child explains the “why” for his answer. After the week’s speed drills are graded, tear out the bonus coloring sheet to use with another child.

95702 Arithmetic 2
95729 Arithmetic 2 Tests and Speed Drills
151408 Addition Flashcards
151416 Subtraction Flashcards
137332 Multiplication Flashcards
137731 Division Flashcards
21261 Felt Fractional Circles
21229 Felt 3" Numerals

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